Our adaptive approach to fabrication and construction combines the traditional, hands-on experience of craftsmen with the skills and knowledge of our CAD designers, professional engineers, while utilizing the latest in digital fabrication technology and software.


What we bring to the table

Visual merchandising

From global brands like Nike, AOL and Converse to emerging local brands, AF is here from the inception of the idea to its flawless execution.


  • Full design studio capabilities
  • CAD and 3D rendering
  • Site activations
  • Full-service installation
  • Delivery, trucking, and logistics

Architectural contracting & prototyping

We work closely with architecture firms to create the places we live, work, learn, and play.  AF performs specialty contracting for large-scale residential and commercial projects as well as prototyping for new and untested designs.


  • On-site installation and construction
  • Traditional craftsmanship with advanced materials

Fine art fabrication

From NYC gallery shows to full-blown museum exhibitions. Our team has a background in visual arts and know all the ins and outs of this field. 


    • Editions and prototypes
    • Casting and mold-making
    • CNC and laser cutting
    • White glove art handling and crating

    From pop-up events, photoshoots, theater props, or film sets: our team is ready to help you produce the next award-winner and activate your audience.


      • Props and set-dressing
      • Period reproductions
      • Themed enviroments

      Sets, props & events

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